• Silvia Striani

Winter Hair Care

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

How to keep your hair happy when it’s (REALLY) cold outside!

Winter is just around the corner and if you live anywhere like London this guide will help you find a routine that works for you and will help you protect your hair during the cold winter months.

If you aren’t already, start sleeping on a silk pillow

Silk fibres are smoother than cotton and help you prevent breakage and frizz whilst you’re in dreamland. You will wake up in the morning with zoom call ready hair and you will definitely reduce re-styling time. Add to cart!

Avoid leaving the house with wet hair

If you are anything like me and you love doing your hair in the summer and leaving it to dry outside in the nice weather please don’t make the mistake of bringing this habit into colder temperatures. Avoid leaving the house with wet hair as this can weaken your tresses: wet hair expands in cold temperatures, potentially leading to breakage. Make sure you fully dry your hair before your next quarantine walk, your hair will be happier!

Invest in a quality hair mask

Don’t skip deep conditioning! Make sure you take the extra time once a week (or listen to your hair for when it needs it the most) to do a deep conditioning treatment. This helps replenish moisture and fights the effects of hot styling tools, indoor heating, and cold winter winds.

One of my winter favourites is the Intense Hydrating Mask from Moroccan Oil. This super rich formula is Infused with Argan Oil and other nourishing ingredients and really improves my curls’ elasticity whilst adding extra shine.

Seal your ends for extra protection

Try adding a few drops of a light oil to the ends of your hair after your wash and when re-styling your hair, Sealing with an oil helps to protect your locks from the harsh weather conditions and seals in moisture from your conditioning and styling products.

Boucleme Revive 5 Hair Oil is packed with incredible oils and nutrients and can be used in many different ways, including as a sealer and is 97% naturally derived and vegan!

Hair Spa at Home: get your Olaplex holiday hair fix

You don’t need to be heading to your favourite hairdresser for a spa like treatment. Olaplex is the perfect treatment to repair, rebuild, strengthen, hydrate and eliminate frizz from your hair. They have just launched a special holiday hair fix box. Whether you have colour treated (bleached), chemically treated (relaxed or permed) or thermal damage, you can use Olaplex to repair the broken hair bonds, It also aids in fighting environmental factors so it’s perfect to help you achieve that winter-proof hair!