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Back To Basics

I’ve seen a growing trend on social media all about Capsule Wardrobes. What is a capsule wardrobe?! It's the idea of editing your wardrobe down to your favourite clothes (clothes that fit your lifestyle + body right now), remixing them regularly, and shopping less often and more intentionally to get the most out of every item. You can be the most stylish person in the world, but there will always be a collection of pieces that you reach for time and time again. Personally, I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, those key pieces that you can wear in every outfit combination possible. When you get the foundations of your wardrobe right, it will make it so much easier getting dressed and less likely that you will have those “nothing to wear” days! In today’s post we will be looking at wardrobe essentials, with another post to follow looking at shoes and accessories.

Even if we are not heading out at the moment, you can still make sure that your wardrobe foundation is set and ready for when we go back to work.

In this edit, there are a few pieces to rent as well, so if you're unsure how things will work for you, try renting pieces to see what works for your needs. The majority of the brands linked are ethical or slower fashion brands who believe that when you buy the right pieces with the intention of keeping them forever, you shop less and wear more...

A classic button down white shirt

A crew next white T-shirt

A camisole for layering

A breton top

A chunky knit

Straight leg jeans

Midi Skirt

Classic Black Trousers

Knitted Midi

Slip Dress

Cotton Dress

A Wool Coat

A Padded/Duvet Coat

Leather Jacket

Tailored Blazer

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